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Reflection- Oil Hanukkia
 Click to enlarge Reflection- Oil Hanukkia
Reflection- Oil Hanukkia

The familiar form of Hanukkah candlestick is only a reflection in this flat Hanukkah candlestick.
This beautiful Hanukia is easy to use and the lights reflect in the silver backing. Twice the light for 8 special nights.
See the reflection of the menorah inside the menorah.
 Great conversation piece!
The little oil containers are reflected in the rounded miror thus creating the image of a traditional tall hanukkah menora.
Package containes:
A metal menora, rounded reflector, 9 small glass oil cups and floating wicks. Can use plain olive oil.

Height: 5.12 Inches
Width: 9.84 Inches
Length: 5.91 Inches

Price: $83.00

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